MESIC Conferences

The Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (MESIC) was born in the shelter of the Manufacturing Engineering Society to fulfill one of the main founding objectives: the creation of forums to exchange expertise in Manufacturing Engineering field.

ejemplo mesic 2011 (640 x 480)This event is biannual and has international scope, its first edition(named Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, CISIF-MESIC’05), took place in Calatayud on september 2005. The preceding venues have been Madrid (MESIC´07), Alcoy (MESIC’09) and Cádiz (MESIC’11). Zaragoza was elected the next host city to the firth edition conferences (MESIC’13) and Barcelona will be the next to hold the sixth edition (MESIC’15)

The Conferences are a meeting point between Manufacturing Engineering researchers and teachers. The structure is traditionally organized around this symposiums or areas:

  • Moulding processes
  • Deforming processes
  • Machining processes
  • Non-conventional manufacturing processes
  • Welding and joining technologies
  • Industrial metrology
  • Manufacturing systems
  • CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM. Automation of production
  • Modeling and simulation in manufacturing engineering
  • Production planning
  • Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing
  • Integrated development of products and processes
  • Industrial quality and quality management
  • Teaching and learning in manufacturing engineering

The MESIC editions have enjoyed great national and international response, receiving a lot of communications from Europe, United States, Ibero-America and Asia.