Special Collection on Sustainable Manufacturing

We are informed about paper submision of Special Collection on Sustainable Manufacturing
To have your paper included, submit by June 30, 2019. Use the following link https://journals.sagepub.com/page/ade/call-for-papers/special-issues/sustainable-manufacturing
Potential topics for submissions include but are not limited to:
• Methods for assessing sustainability in manufacturing (e.g. life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, carbon footprint of manufacturing processes) and their impact on plant performance.
• Relation of sustainability with established manufacturing strategies / philosophies (e.g. lean manufacturing, smart manufacturing).
• Use of Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to improve sustainability and efficiency.
• Optimization of manufacturing processes (e.g. machining, forming) using sustainability criteria.
• Manufacturing new sustainable and recyclable materials.
• Use of new sustainable materials in processes (e.g. bio-lubricants) and their impact on environment and plant performance.
• Public policies and initiatives to foster sustainable manufacturing.
• Case studies and comparison of manufacturing processes based on their sustainability.

January 14th, 2019