Los días 20 y 21 de febrero de 2020 se va a celebrar, en el Centro de Estudios Ambientales Ítaca de Andorra (Teruel), la I Jornada sobre Patrimonio Geológico y Minero Industrial como Fuente de Desarrollo Rural Sostenible, bajo el título “Un patrimonio para identificar, conservar, proteger y difundir”, organizada por la Sociedad Española para la Defensa del Patrimonio Geológico y Minero (SEDPGYM), con la que la SIF tiene establecido un convenio de colaboración. Las Jornadas serán presentadas por Antonio Pizarro Losilla, presidente de la SEDPGYM, y contarán, entre sus ponentes, con Miguel Ángel Sebastián, coordinador del GT-SIF PATRIF, que analizará “El Plan Nacional de Patrimonio Industrial y la puesta en valor del patrimonio minero-industrial”.

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Inscripciones: CEA Ítaca- José Luis Iranzo. 978844265 itaca@cultuirndorra.com


Se anuncia la celebración del XXIII CONGRESO NACIONAL DE INGENIERÍA MECÁNICA, organizado por la Asociación Española de Ingeniería Mecánica AEIM y el Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica y Minera de la Universidad de Jaén,  se celebrará los próximos 21-22-23 de octubre de 2020, en Jaén (España).
Esperamos sus resúmenes/abstract antes del 14 de febrero de 2020.
Para más información, pueden consultar la página web del Congreso www.cnim2020.es

(Español) Premios de la SIF a los mejores trabajos fin de estudios curso 2018-19

The candidates presentation awards deadline for the best final studies project( academinc year 2018-2019) ends on December 31, 2019.
The award has an special mention of the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM). This award will be delivered to the best work related to the machine tool, components, tools and accessories sector. The winners will be awarded, in public ceremony, a diploma and 400 euros. The delivery act, organized jointly by the SIF and the AFM, will be announced well in advance.
The regulations governing these awards can be found in this
link (regulation) .
You can also download the request model in this link (request model) and send it to the mail:


SIF Scholarships for the UNED’s modular program on industrial heritage

Call for the SIF scholarships for the UNED’s Modular Program of Permanent Training on “Analysis, Management and Projects in Industrial Heritage” (2019-2020 edition). It’s a PATRIF-SIF Working Group initiative.
In the following link you can access to the Modular Program, structured in 7 modules. It gives access to three possible degrees, according to the modules studied:

– Certificate of Open Teaching in Industrial Heritage Analysis.
– University Expert in Industrial Heritage.
– Master in Analysis, Management and Industrial Heritage Projects .


All program information is available in the SIF web downloads section.


Those interested should send the application to the SIF Secretary, with the rest of acceptance of commitments and justification of the registration. The call will be open until December 12, 2019.

SIF’s members Special issue Sustainability

From the SIF’ GT REM, he informs us about “call for papers” number of “Safety and Security Issues in Industrial Parks”, of the Sustainability magazine (indexed in the JCR, Q2, IF 2.075). In this magazine, our colleague Francisco Brocal (University of Alicante) is a guest editor with Professor Genserik Reniers (Technical University of Delft-TUdelft), which is Keynote of MESIC 2019.


Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing Special issue

From the UPV / EHU a special issue has been organized on the “Journal of manufacturing and processing of materials”. The Journal special issue is called “Manufacturing Processes, Smart Machines and Intelligent IoT Factories in the Ibero-American Scenario”
More information in the link:


Agreement between the UNED and the CEM to develop Metrology Master’s

National University of Distance Education (UNED – the SIF 2010 Award), and the Spanish Metrology Center (CEM – SIF 2015 Award), agreement has been signed, to improve the new Master in Metrology. The agreement has been signed by Ricardo Mairal Usón, rector of the UNED, and José Manuel Bernabé Sánchez, Director of the CEM.
The Master of Metrology, with a content of 60 ECTS, has a 11 modules distribution. It’s  a Graduate Program and Professional Development part, with the modular structure. It includes the Open Teaching Certificate of Introduction to Metrology (10 ECTS) and the Diploma of University Expert in Metrological Techniques (25 ECTS). Its first edition was given in February 2019.
The Master co-directors are the professors Eva María Rubio Alvir and Miguel Ángel Sebastián Pérez. The Master main objective is to address, in a systematic and up-to-date manner, knowledge and trends in the various fields of Metrology and Compliance. Thus, the need of Spanish society to have highly qualified professionals in metrological matters.
The Master in Metrology offered by the UNED collects all the experience acquired during the previous years in the Master in Metrology deerted in the previous years by the CEM and the ETS of Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In the present, the UNED collects and promotes the witness and with the initiative, the impulse and the collaboration of the CEM and with the scientific-technological support of the professors of the ETS of Industrial Engineers and of the ETS of Engineering and Industrial Design of the UPM give fulfilled response to this challenge.
The Master’s Degree has a large group of internal and external collaborators, including Ángel María Sánchez Pérez, SIF 2008 Award.
More information on the web pages of:

UNED: https://formacionpermanente.uned.es/tp_actividad/idactividad/10823

CEM: https://www.cem.es/servicios/formacion

Revista e-medida: https://www.e-medida.es/numero-14/directores-del-master-en-metrologia-de-la-uned/

XIII Composites for Industry 4.0 Conference, “matcomp19”

We are informed of the launch of the XIII Composites for Industry 4.0 Congress, “matcomp19″, (https://matcomp19.com/) to be held in Vigo, from July 3 to 5,. It’s organized by the AEMAC (Association of Composite Materials), the CTAG (Automotive Technological Center) and the own University of Vigo.


Abstracts reception until February 8th, 2019 – LAST TERM
Registration opens January 15th, 2019
Authors notification until February 22th, 2019
Registration with discount until April 1st, 2019
Complete articles receipt until May 15th, 2019
Registration closes June 30th, 2019